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Dog Bite Victim in Nevada?  What steps should you take…

A lot of people around the world have gotten bitten by a dog at one time or another but do not report the incident to the owner or sue the dog owner for the injuries caused. This is because they think dog bites are a small issue and do not give it much thought. This article will focus on what you need to do to get compensated when bitten by someone else’s dog legally.

In normal instances, when a dog bites you, the dog owner or his or her insurance company should contact you. This is intended to engage in talks on how to get compensation for the injuries. There are, however, situations when you should sue or accept the settlement in the form of compensation.

Types of Compensation for Dog Bite Injuries

Nevada state dog bite laws and state personal injury laws provide that accident-victim, including people who have suffered dog bite injuries, have the right to collect damages or be compensated by dog owners. Compensations are meant to:

  1. Take care of the present, the past and future medical bills that could arise as a result of the dog bite.

They are also meant to repair or for replacement of property that has been damaged when you got bitten. Lost wages for the time spent when you couldn’t do your daily activities or from work while attending to the bite such as going for medical check-ups as a result of the dog bites should be compensated.

  1. Taking care of expenditures

Compensation is also meant for taking care of the expenses made in hiring someone else to do your household chores, which you cannot do due to the dog bites. Permanent disability or disfigurement that may arise because of the dog injuries should also be covered in the compensation. Other things to consider in calculating the compensation that you should be given include emotional distresses that could accompany the dog bite injuries as well as any other costs that you incur as a dog bite victim.

These compensations should, however, be made legal through the use of two main ways to collect the damages. The means of collecting compensation are either in a court of law or out of court settlements. Out of court settlement is where the dog owner or their insurance company agree to settle on compensations you demand without involving a court. In-court settlements are determined by a judge in a court of law.

How to Determine Dog Bite Injury compensation in the state of Nevada

An out of court compensation settlement is done between you, the dog owner insurance company, the dog owner, and your attorney. Whether in monetary value or any form of compensation, the asset or money is paid to you by either the dog owner or their insurance company. In other instances, they can both agree on how to offer the compensation.

In circumstances where the compensation is to be done in a court of law, the case is presented to a jury, who listens to the pieces of evidence given and offers a ruling on who is to blame and who is to be compensated. If the defendant is found guilty, he or she is ordered to compensate you and vice versa. The judge also decides on the amount of compensation that is to be given and in what quantity you owe the dog owner in damages.

If the defendant feels that the damages are too high and he or she cannot afford, they are advised to appeal so that they can have the damages reduced. It is, however, crucial that you take the advice of settling the matter outside a court of law. This is because settling the case out of court has a variety of advantages including the case may be resolved more quickly than when taken to trial in a  court of law, you will solve the conflict in peace without anyone feeling threatened, and more. The compensation may also be paid more quickly, and you can use it to pay for your medical bills, where court proceedings could take much longer.

Settling the case out of court could see you get emotional closure and start moving on after the accident. Paying an attorney and other expenses out of court could also be cheaper than when the case involves a court.  Having an agreement with the dog owner is assured of the exact amount of money or the form of compensation you are going to receive and the settlement can as well remain confidential depending on your agreements.

If you have a good and experienced dog bite attorney in the Las Vegas area, he or she must be able to help you evaluate the settlements and decide if the offer given is fair for the injuries you received from the dog. In cases where you and the dog owner or his insurance company cannot agree on the compensation, then the best thing to do is seek help in a court of law by filing a case.

A dog bite is therefore not a small issue as many of us may have thought because you never know what damages the bites may cause you in future. Our law offices are available to speak with you over the phone to learn more.